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Crack high frequency fuse high cost problems
From: Dongguan brothers high frequency Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-06

   Due to the requirements of environmental protection packaging material, many electronic products exported to Europe and the United States have adopted environmental protection packaging materials such as PET PETG APET, using the traditional ordinary high frequency machine cannot achieve satisfactory effect of welding and cutting function, most factories can only use Gao Zhou wave synchronous fusing machine more expensive to produce because exports this year by the United States. Subprime loans, RMB appreciation and rising labor costs and other factors, many export products manufacturers operating funds in trouble, directly affect the procurement of equipment production. I plant to relieve these problems of users, specially instructed the engineering department and Purchasing Department of competent technical engineers set up R & D team, mainly from the fusing machine structure design and component procurement efforts, development and production of high frequency synchronous melting of several low priced practical cutter, complete function, high reliability, special applicable to environmental protection materials Blister products, welding and cutting. Compared with similar functions in the past, the industry price is lower than 20%, effectively improving the user's product processing competitiveness. It is your wise choice to buy high quality and low frequency fuse!