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Frequently asked questions about high frequency (high frequency machines)
From: Dongguan brothers high frequency Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-06

1. question: what is high frequency welding?
Answer: high frequency welding refers to the use of high frequency energy to two or more pieces of plastic work together, through the high frequency of heat generation and fusion of materials together. The workpiece made by this fusion method has the same firmness as the strength of the material itself.
2. question: can high frequency welding be used on any plastic material?
Answer: this depends on the molecular structure of the plastic material. Most commonly used in PVC, PU, and other PVC composites.
3. question: what is ultrasonic welding?
Answer: Gu's name, is the use of ultrasonic transmission of mechanical energy to plastic materials, and the two pieces of material weld together, through the hard plastic injection made of semi-finished products are available, ultrasonic welding processing.
4. question: does the high frequency welding method require mould assistance?
Answer: the answer is required, in order to achieve the ideal welding effect, first of all is to take the place of copper mould is fixed on the high Zhou Bo welding machine, then PVC rubber put in the mold, then control the head pressure in the rubber material, welding process can be produced, in addition, different size of the weld the area or pattern, need to cooperate with the different mold.
5. question: why is high frequency welding better than hot welding?
Answer: the biggest difference between high frequency and hot pressing is that the former is used to heat the resin itself by high frequency, and the surface of the rubber is not easy to be damaged due to the external heat, and the welding time is short, so that the production can be increased.
6. question: why is there a fire jump in the high frequency welding room?
Answer: when the upper and lower die contact electrode, it will cause a jump, can make the mold and vibrating cylinder is damaged, the fire jumped so high zhouboji brand new electric has high sensitivity to jump fire protection device, the extent of the damage to a minimum.
7. question: why does high frequency welding need to have absolute source material?
Answer: placed between the antimony plate and rubber raw materials, not only can prevent heat loss, but also protect the mold or antimony plate in jumping fire without damage.
8. question: what is the source of the material for it?
Answer: as a soft rubber raincoat cloth, can make up for the mold slightly uneven place, so that the welding effect is more ideal, hard transparent plastic sheets, suitable for cutting edge products need.