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High frequency | high-frequency machine repair and maintenance
From: Dongguan brothers high frequency Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-06

Frequent problems in high frequency
1. check the water filter regularly;
2., if the machine has dust, used for dry compressed air, careful cleaning machine, but must turn off the main power supply;
Fault: before checking, be sure to turn off the main power supply, because there are thousands of volts in the machine, the highest voltage.
Phenomenon 1: common red light (overload lamp)
Reason: A) damage to the lower mold insulator.
B) there is dirt, dust, and water to be cleaned in the work, the vibrating tube or the upper and lower modes.
(C) high frequency machine, upper and lower die, horizontal position is not good.
(D) there is no insulation between the upper and lower modes, and they come together directly.
E) high frequency machine input power is too high.
F) damage or looseness of high frequency vacuum tube.
G) protect the electronic board from excessive power supply. The over-current protective plate is the one with three main electrical appliances.
H) the high frequency generator is too large and the output is too high.
I) the work is too large to exceed the rated output of the same machine.
J) temperature control, partial failure.
K) damage to high voltage capacitors.
(L) damage of high frequency insulated column (upper plate).
Phenomenon 2: high output, the total power off or burn fuse
Reason: A) vacuum tube fault. B) transformer fault.
C) high voltage rectifier board failure. D) three phase magnetic switch damage.
E) short circuit barrier for high voltage line. F) electric heating plate fault.
Phenomenon 3: no output
Reason: A) poor switch contact. B) line fault. C) vacuum tube fault.
Phenomenon 4: bad work
Reason: A) poorly adjusted. B) die problem.
C) there is a problem with the adhesive (work). D) insulation is too thick and insulated too high.
Note: when the die press, hit the lower die, the ground copper must be pressed down the set plate, round copper slightly deformed. If the grounding copper did not adjust well, this machine will not be able to work stably. When the mold of different heights is replaced, the ground copper strip needs to be readjusted again.
Two Dongguan high frequency operation order
1. first connected three-phase power switch, then open the machine side power switch on the control box, if there is high cycle switch, do not play, then play on the electric power switch, the vacuum tube and the heat began to die preheating.
2. in the lower die on the auxiliary insulation, installed on the extreme mode, press the mode switch to start debugging on the lower die bonding position, if the next bonding bad mobile die, if it is not level, four pillars of the upper die.
3. high frequency machine die after a good tune, adjust the three time controller (if it is a pedal type machine, only the high cycle time, fall time of melting) that is running on the mold to mold pressing time, weld time output time, cooling time, the curing time, flexible application of the three time. There is no fixed value.
4. if the first mode is adjusted, the spacing of the coherency tuning tune should be adjusted to the widest possible range.
5. more than 10-15 minutes of operation, and when the temperature has reached the required time, turn on the high cycle switch, start the operation test.
6. test, if the effect is not ideal, you need to slowly add to the coherence device, watch the screen flow table (different models, the value of the table is different, please refer to the manual). Check the product. If it is not ideal, add a little or less of the connector until you reach the requirement.
7. the effect of the finished product is determined by the following four aspects:
(A) temperature B) coherent power output C) pressure D) output high cycle time.
Above four aspects, please adjust flexibly.
Three Dongguan high frequency (high frequency machine) notes
1. must be installed on the mechanical Jiuluo good grounding terminal (connected to the right line)
2., the machine is very sensitive to humidity and dust, and should be placed in the proper working space.
3., the vacuum tube will produce high heat, so can not be placed in the machine will produce high heat, but also can not be installed directly in the solar radiation to the place, for the above reasons will affect the heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube.
4. machines such as downtime more than one hour, and then boot, you need to wait 10-15 minutes, so that the vacuum tube preheating, vacuum tube protection service life.
5. machine top and bottom extreme (upper and lower die) can not be directly touched together, between them must have insulation and work pieces.
6., when the high frequency output, try not to touch on the output end (ie mode) are not available, universal table, or other low frequency and low voltage meter test instrument, to direct measurement on the output, this will lead to accidents.
7. regular inspection of the lower (lower mold) insulation, if there is damage, burn, breakdown place, need to replace insulation immediately, otherwise, if continue to work, there will be sparks, unable to complete the process.
8., if there is always spark phenomenon (in the upper and lower die together, high cycle output), and not to check the maintenance, it will cause damage to the machine parts, affecting the work.
9., used to do the finished products, as far as possible not to have moisture, dust, because the object is prone to spark.
10., after the power on the machine, you will hear the sound of fan rotation (4KW, 5KW sound smaller), this is the vacuum tube heat dissipation, if the fan fault, you must immediately repair, otherwise it will lead to damage to the vacuum tube.