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Application of full automatic high frequency machine
From: Dongguan brothers high frequency Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-07

      Using the principle of high-frequency welding, high frequency mold by heating the workpiece with plastic to plastic welding, plastic and paper card, plastic card or cards connected with the welded paper when printing surface is cartoon often coated with a layer of PVC or APET, PETG glue in high frequency under the action of melting as a whole.
Mainly used for high frequency welding and simultaneous cutting of the          products. The working principle of the high frequency machine is to use high frequency welding first, and then through the pressure device with the machine at the same time cut off. Because it is completed at the same time, so called "high frequency synchronous fuse". Also known as high frequency fuse, fuse, high frequency synchronous cutting machine, high frequency cutting machine. Mainly used in APET, PETG, GAG environmental protection material double-sided blister packaging, blister sealing kit packaging, toothbrush seal packing, EVA cloth leather, leather, OPP, PU material welding and fusing.