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How do you make your high frequency fuse life longer?
From: Dongguan brothers high frequency Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-07

At present, as the project continues to mount, the demand for sand and gravel is also increasing, leading to the supply of natural sand is difficult to meet market demand. In this context, the artificial sand industry gradually rises, which not only extends the use of mining machinery, but also accelerates the improvement of related technology and process technology. High frequency fusing machine as an important part of production line in the sand, the sand production mechanism plays an irreplaceable role, so the service life and stable and durable customers of its components of high-frequency fusing machine investment is particularly important.
The industry agreed that the impeller device high frequency fusing machine injection plays a decisive role in the material is the important component, the stability of the decisions associated with conveyor, feeder, sorting machine work efficiency.
The following are the main needs of attention:
1. Check the whirling chamber before driving. Observe the door tightly. The main reason is to prevent the material from rushing out of the vortex chamber to observe the safety accident.
2, check the impeller rotation direction, from the inlet direction of view. The impeller should turn counterclockwise, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted. This is an area that requires special attention.
3, the production line should pay attention to the order of start. It is generally recommended that the starting sequence of the high frequency fuse and the conveyer equipment is: material discharging, high frequency fusing machine and feeding; the crusher must start without load, and the material can be fed until the crusher is running properly. The stop sequence is opposite to the boot sequence.
4, feed grain strictly according to the prescribed requirements, prohibition is greater than a specified material enters the crusher, otherwise, unbalance and will cause excessive wear of the impeller impeller, impeller and channel blockage caused by base to the center feeding tube, the crusher can not work normally, eliminating large feeding should be found and when. Also, prevent fragmentation of materials (such as metals) into the crusher.
5, the discharge equipment should stop feeding in time, otherwise, it will cause damage to the impeller and burn the motor.
6, the lubrication of the machine is dry oil lubrication, adding the amount of 1/2-2/3 for the bearing cavity, and every time the crusher is working, add a proper amount of grease. In the operation of machine maintenance, should pay attention to the maintenance and monitoring of bearings.
7, to ensure that such high frequency fusing machine, high-frequency fusing machine, transmission belt tension force size should be adjusted properly to ensure the triangular adhesive force uniform, dual motor drive, both sides should be grouping matching triangle tape, the length of each group as consistent as possible. Parking should pay attention to the impeller and other parts of the wear, timely replacement of wearing parts.
In addition to the above introduction, in the entire production line configuration process, but also to consider the coordination of each device, in equipment selection should pay attention to the combination of reality, and strive to maximize the potential of each device.