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Considerations for the use of high wave wave plastic welding machines
From: Dongguan brothers high frequency Machinery Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-07

1. the machine must be fitted with a good grounding terminal (with the correct grounding wire);
2., the machine is very sensitive to humidity and dust, and should be placed in the proper working space;
3., the vacuum tube will produce high heat, so can not be placed in the machine will produce high heat, but also can not be installed directly in the solar radiation to the place, for the above reasons will affect the heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube;
4. machine downtime for more than an hour, and then boot, need to wait for 10-15 minutes, so that the vacuum tube preheating, vacuum tube life;
5. machine top and bottom extreme (upper and lower die) can not be directly touched together, between them must have insulation and work pieces;
6., when the high frequency output, try not to touch on the output (i.e. the upper die), also can not be universal table, test meter or other low frequency and low voltage meter, to direct measurement on the output, this will lead to accidents;
7. regular inspection of the lower (lower mold) insulation, if there is damage, burn, breakdown place, need to replace insulation immediately, otherwise, if continue to work, there will be sparks, unable to complete the process;
8., if there is always spark phenomenon (in the upper and lower die together, high cycle output), and not to check the maintenance, it will cause damage to the machine parts, affecting the work;
9., used to do the finished products, as far as possible not to have moisture, dust, because the object is prone to spark;
10., after the power on the machine, you will hear the sound of fan rotation (4KW, 5KW sound smaller), this is the vacuum tube heat dissipation, if the fan fault, you must immediately repair, otherwise it will lead to damage to the vacuum tube.